This is the new mantra for sales professionals in our digital age.

Social media is central to the way businesses attract and retain new prospects and customers.

Social selling is the process of using social media to build relationships with a network of connections in order to get referred and introduced to a list of targeted prospects.

Social selling also involves creating and sharing valuable content to attract prospects researching service providers online.

Why is social selling so popular?

Cold calling and cold emailing don’t work. No one responds. In fact, executives and business owners in need of B2B services often turn to social media, especially, LinkedIn, to search for useful information to help them in their buying process.

By employing social selling techniques, you can identify your ideal clients, build and nurture relationships with them, position yourself as an expert thought leader and generate new sales for your business.

Robin Colner has trained countless professionals in the step-by-step strategies they should implement to generate leads and sales for their businesses on LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging platforms.

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